Post Hawaii Hurricane re-launch August 1st

I don’t do excuses so I never gave one as to why the updates have been slow coming. But now, we are fully 100% Uptime with a super strong internet connection and over-updating to make up for the lack of regular content. I am a workaholic and “A Machine” as Chelsea used to call me and have been working 24 hours a day to catch up on downtime. Petergirls has 600+ updates and I have 800 more updates in the can already shot – of exclusive never before seen talent, locations, positions, niches, camera angles and raw, authentic footage.

We have also added action Gifs so that you can better see the scenes before purchasing a membership. With that, we have one of the largest free tours in Adult. We’ve also converted over 1100 scenes to MP4 and shot over 200 scenes in crystal clear 4K video. Even still, before it was cool, (Because the essence of cool is not caring if you are cool) I’ve always posted the highest resolution, most detailed and biggest photo sizes and video files (Up to 3000-8000 kbps) no matter what bullshit “Programmer” told me to do while lying about “Billable hours” when I knew that they were just LAZY!!!

So, check out the new updates and some recent re-mastered ones and get ready for a barrage of updates, new features, and models you’ve never seen before, doing things they’ve never done before, in places that they’ve never been before!!! Tired of FAKE reality porn? this shit is REAL!!! We don’t use agents, we scout our own talent, locations and only shoot authentic content as close to real life as possible. Enjoy!

Peter Romero

Aphrodite Luv in my backyard in Hawaii http://www.petergirls.com/tour/pg_update.php?id=1043
New Gifs on all updates!!! http://www.petergirls.com/tour/pg_update.php?id=1013
Hardcore Gifs!!! Know EXACTLY what you are getting for your hard earned money!!!http://www.petergirls.com/tour/pg_update.php?id=1097



  1. Hopefully we finally see the Luna Moore 3some and some unreleased Ari we always in the future Update preview

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