The Petergirls Hawaiian Adventure!!! Soon to be a book & screenplay!

Hey Ya’all!

Well I’m back stateside after 2 years in Hawaii and what an ADVENTURE IT WAS!!! Full of lots of shooting adult content, fun, sex, & SCANDAL!!! So much to say I’ll spare you all for now because I’m back to writing screenplays again and this one will be a doozy! For years my friends have been bugging me to write a book and this will be my first go at that as well but def not my first screenplay. In fact, one of my scripts was plagiarized and made into a HUGE blockbuster movie. More on that later…

In the meanwhile, I am catching up on the updates for my members to see in FULL HD Broadcast quality. It’s of some of the hottest filming I have ever done! Enjoy!!!

Peter Romero

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